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My entire Street has NBN but I do not?

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I have been waiting a couple of years to recieve NBN to our premises which was scheduled to be connected on the 11th of January 2019. NBN did achieve this date to our entire street/suburb, with exception of my house.

I have checked their website daily for updates which originally advised "more works required" with new ETA July 2019. This has now changed just yesterday to August 2020.

I consider this unacceptable and would hope something can be done about this. I have held back from connecting internet to my house in anticipation for NBN but following the first delay, I have signed up with TPG for ADSL 2 with a technician attending next Friday.


Is there any possible way expediting this issue as an additional 18 months is unacceptable given every house surrounding me is connected.

Furthermore, I have had my new front lawn dug up twice by NBN contractors and left in a terrible state for the connection of the rest of the street!!!




Hi @adamjak


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We understand that getting NBN service will provide a different experience with using Internet specially when it comes to the speed option.

However, TPG does not have control with NBN roll out as we only rely on the information on available dates as it is determined by NBN Co. If you want to know the estimated NBN roll out time frame in your area you may visit

TPG will be happy to contact you once NBN is ready at your address, simply register your details here:


Let me know should you require further assistance.