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NBN Activation Not Happening

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A technician came to my house on Oct 18 to install NBN. However, he failed in activating on site saying system was too slow. And I just needed to wait at home. Probably, it woulld take 1-2 hours. However, after 48 hours, it is still not acviated. I can see both upstream and downstream lights are flashing. And online light is off.  What is happening?



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Hi @zengnan119,


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. I'm afraid that our TPG technicians are not trained to activate nor allowed to do any job on the Fibre line as it is owned by NBN Co.

Your NBN HFC activation was already escalated to the NBN Activations higher management team and we are still waiting for their update. Your experience is important to us and we will be keeping a close eye on your case and will provide you with updates where possible.

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Hi @zengnan119


We've checked your account and learned that the NBN HFC was physically installed but there was a Network issue with our third party provider nbn™ which caused the delay of the remote activation of your service. Our provisioning case manager has escalated the activation of your service with nbn™ to have this matter expedited.

You case manager will contact you as soon as we receive updates from nbn™.

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Today is oct 23. No progress so far. Both upstream and downstream lights are flashing. Online light is off. And no case officer called.


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Oct., 30.


Day 12.


Both upstream and downstream lights are flahsing. Online light is off. No case officer called.


Hi @zengnan119,


I'll chase this with our Provisioning team and have your case manager contact you within the day for any update on the activation.



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Similar problem here - NBN HFC installed about 3 weeks ago, worked very well for 2 weeks, and in the last week no connection at all: first downstream light flashing, technician came 3 days later, upstream light has been flashing ever since.

TPG states "problem is with NBN" but doesn't help. I have asked for my ADSL2 connection back (it was slower but at least existent), been told this was impossible now that I had NBN.


Sounds like NBN HFC needs to be avoided at all costs.


Hi @fred,

Once NBN service is installed there is no way for us to re-active the old ADSL2+ service. We'd like to help check what happened on your connection. Kindly PM me your account details.

Cheers Smiley Wink




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Thanks @Shane, will do.


FYI I was contacted yesterday by the Engineering team, informing me that NBN had resolved the issue. However when I got home I could only confirm that there was no difference - still disconnected, so I called back the Engineering team and they have escalated this to NBN (again).


I understand your comment on ADSL2+ reactivation, but as a telco this is where I believe TPG should escalate to the Government to change the rules - the NBN is obviously not stable and until it is it is not acceptable to strip a sizeable portion of the population from what has now almost become a basic necessity (for better or worse)...Internet access!


Hi @fred,


Thanks for sending the details. I tried to use the given information unfortunately no match. PM me the username or home phone / Mobile number associated with the account.



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Here is an update in case anyone has a similar issue:


The TPG complaints department (didn't get the name) called me yesterday, following up on my complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) made a day earlier:

  • Told me that my issue was with NBN, and there was nothing else they could do to address it except wait
  • I shared that the wait time was just not acceptable, and that I would expect TPG or any Service Provider to demand some type of service level commitment from NBN on disconnections, in general and in my case. Service has now been completely down for 10 days
  • The representative from the TPG complaints department then suggested that I could cancel my order. I asked if I would be refunded of all fees including installation fee, and I was told it was not possible since TPG had already paid fees to NBN. I then indicated that this was therefore not a commercially acceptable option, and that I was still expecting the service to be reconnected
  • I also requested TPG to provide me with an alternate way to access the internet in the meantime, either DSL or Mobile. I was told this was not possible
  • In a perhaps funny turn of events, the TPG representative told me that according to their records "the service has been reestablished more than 14 hours ago". I responded that I was very surprised by this statement, since I was home at that time (earlier that morning) and had specifically tried again to connect, unsuccessfully, but that I would verify when I got home
  • I later verified that nothing had changed and that the service was still disconnected, called the Engineering Department, who after 20 minutes of wait music confirmed that the service was still down, and that a technician would visit in 2 days' time


So in short: I am appreciative that people are at least talking to them, but it does not sound that anyone is actually doing anything to even understand why this problem happened in the first place, and I am questioning my choice of Service Provider.