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NBN Connection Box missing

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Hi all,

I just moved into a new house, got the preconfigured modem from TPG, and the internet was supposed to start 2 days back but not yet. Upon checking to the customer care, they told me that I should have the NBN connection box first before the internet starts.


I can see there is no connection box at my property, must have been taken by the previous owner. Now TPG is saying they need to schedule an NBN technician and it will take 2 weeks for it to come ( pathetic service anyway).  I m suppose to work from home and already going through serious work concerns due to TPGs incompetence to provide me all the details in advance about what is to be needed when I did the moving house request 3 weeks in advance.


I want to know if I can purchase this NBN connection box somewhere from a shop or have to wait for 2 weeks for an NBN technician to come and install the box?

** I have been chasing TPG customer care service from the past 3 days and every day getting excuses for the delay. How can my issue been resolved ASAP **


Hi @satya 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the case.

The earliest schedule that we can get from NBN Co in order to send an NBN technician was already booked for you. Your case manager requested for an earlier date, but it can't be guaranteed as we need to consider the number of technicians available in the area + the number of jobs needed to be attended.


An Email and SMS notification was sent that will give you information about the needed equipment to set up your NBN HFC service. If you'll visit the link that was given via SMS (, then you'll be able to notice that the modem is connected to the NBN NTD box (Black box). It should give you a hint that it is one of the required equipment for you to get the service.


The NBN NTD box can't be purchased outside as the NBN technician will need to install it properly and update their system.


Your NBN Case manager will be in touch with you via SMS or phone call as soon as an update becomes available.