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NBN Connection on hold with no way to contact TPG!

Level 2

I'm looking to follow up on my NBN installation. It's been 3 weeks since we've paid our bill in advance and in full with no updates. I understand that I might have to wait for installation but this is getting a bit too long. 


I can't even get in contact with TPG!! Is it normal to be on hold for hours  with no indication where you are on the queue and then being hung up on? The chat function does not work as well. I understand the TPG has a high volume of calls but this is very poor service. TPG called me back instantly when they wanted to sign me up but now I have to be on hold for hours just to get an update. 


Level 2
Your not the only one. Absolutely pathetic after sales service from TPG. I'm wishing I had have gone with any other ISP but TPG now.
Level 2
l too am in the same boat but l only have been waiting 1 week so far , l always get told someone will call you within 24 hours but nothing, tpg is a joke, l wish l never signed up with them, hope you get help soon