NBN Connection

Level 2

No one turned up to install my NBN last Tuesday I have been trying the live chat service everyday trying to sort this out. I have tried the service and delivery team chats many times and can never get through.

 Still waiting to here from TPG as to when it will be installed as I received an email on Friday 20/03/2020 to say they would instal it within 2 business days. I need this done immediately as I am now working from home and have been using my mobile data to talk to someone on here everyday only for it to cut out just before the issue was resolved. I also have a child with several disabilities that relies on the internet for communication and routine as they are non verbal. Please may I have this resolved ASAP. I understand this is trying times so I am trying to be patient. I have also privately message TPG on facebook commented on several posts raising my concerns and have received no response. Not to mention ive opened 62 chats on your live chat service since last tuesday and each time i am "redirected"to your deleivery service or NBN case managers the chat ends and then i have to wait in the queue and start all over again. I have used nearly all of my mobile data trying to organise this. Im so frustrated and dissapointed and feel hopless as i cannot communicate with anyone no matter where i put my message across i either want a full refund or you better offer me some amazing deal to keep me with you as its been the most stressful and frustrating process so far.