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NBN FTTC Connection Device not connecting

Level 2

I attempted to connect to the NBN FTTC service on Saturday whereby my NBN Device had a flashing red link symbol. The installation desk subsequently booked a service for the 30/3/20 and in the meantime advised that my ADSL2 service would be working.

I came home this afternoon (Monday) to find my ADSL2 had stopped working so I thought I'd connect my NBN devices to see if there had been a change in status.


Indeed, the NBN Connection device now has a solid blue link symbol but neither of my DSL or LAN symbols are lit up nor is the internet light on my modem on. Attempted to contact the help desk who transferred me to installation dept. but got cut off due to "demand" (2nd time that has occurred).


Can someone advise what my next steps should be?



Level 2

Update, The installation team seems to be almost uncontactable!


I'm now in a position where neither my previous ADSL2 nor my new NBN service is functional. I'm being asked to work from home due to COVID-19 but have no viable internet option! 


It seems all I can do is keep trying to contact the installations team to get a resolution!


So much for social distancing! 


Hi @theof


We hope that you and your family are safe. In light of the COVID19 situation, we are fully committed in taking heightened precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our staffs. TPG’s telephone support team members are now transitioning to work from home set-up to lessen the exposure and chance of contracting the virus. We appreciate your patience as you may experience longer wait times.


Aside from calling our phone support, you can also reach us through chat, e-mail and TPG Community, all of which can be found at


In your case, we understand that the NBN service has been installed and activated. If you need further assistance, please let us know.