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NBN FTTN Installation - cable installation

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I am reposting my issue as I have not gotten any help. My customer number is 5908214. My NBN FTTN installation has been scheduled. There is an NBN cable from the street to the a box at the outside of my home but not terminated. I have no phone point in my home but there is a conduit with a draw wire between the NBN box at the side of my home to a wall socket opening inside my home. Will TPG or NBN install the cable between the NBN box to my wall socket and terminate it? Please help investigate. Much appreciated.

Hi WFHOME2020,


Normally with a new house the builder will install the socket and run the cable to the NBN Box on the side of your house, ready for NBN to connect the service. If the builder has not installed a socket you will need to contact a licensed cabler to install a socket. If you live in an apartment complex, please contact your building manager before proceeding, as they may need to organise access for the technician.


The technician must have a valid Open registration with an ACMA authorised registrar.


Finding a Licensed Cabler

Look in the Yellow Pages® directory under:

  • Telephones & Systems - Installation and/or Maintenance
  • Computer equipment - Installation and Networking
  • Security Systems and/or Consultants or
  • Electrical Contractors.



Level 3

Hi Karl, when the house was completed, there was no NBN box, so a conduit was provided by the builder with a draw wire between the proposed NBN box location and the socket position. NBN came along very much later to bring a cable from the street and installed a box next to the conduit opening installed by the builder. What does TPG installation consist if this cable is not installed by TPG?