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A NBN technician turn up this morning for the FTTC connection and he insisted to have the NBN box to be installed at the kitchen where he sais is where the Telstra telephone socket is located and would install not install the NBN box in the study where all my other ethernet connections are excpet for the telephone socket. Does TPG provide service such as relocation of the Telstra socket from the kitchen area into my study, if so, how much will it cost?  


Hi @tinchung49,


Unfortunately relocating a phone sockets is not a service TPG offer. You will need to contact a licensed cabler to relocate your socket. If you live in an apartment complex, please contact your building manager before proceeding, as they may need to organise access for the technician.


The technician must have a valid Open registration with an ACMA authorised registrar.


Finding a Licensed Cabler

Look in the Yellow Pages® directory under:

  • Telephones & Systems - Installation and/or Maintenance
  • Computer equipment - Installation and Networking
  • Security Systems and/or Consultants or
  • Electrical Contractors.