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NBN FTTN dropouts

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I had NBN FTTN installed yesterday. Worked fine for about 18 hours.

since 2am this morning constant dropouts on AC1600 modem.

sometimes link lasts 2 hours, sometimes 5 minutes.

makes it unusable. Been dropping out and reconnecting all day

is this ac1600 modem any good or is it the line/node?

I can provide logs if required.


Hi @scubaal1


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and have tested the line.


We were not able to detect any fault within the network and currently showing that the service has been stable.


If the issue recur, please advise us or contact our Tech team at 13 14 23 option 2 + 2 for real time support.




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Thanks for the reply Basil.

I'll share what I did to get the link more stable - it may help others.


My house is on pillars, which makes it easy to follow cables Smiley Happy

Modem was installed by NBN installer at Lounge phone point (which was last used 10 years ago by analogue phone).

It was very intermittent - dropping out.

When I checked where the telstra line comes into to property I worked out the Lounge telephone socket was a spur from the bedroom. So I moved the modem and plugged into the bedroom. The link was no better Smiley Sad


So then I took the cover off the Telstra socket in the bedroom and disconnected the spur to the lounge. I also noticed that the contacts/wires were covered in verdigris (green gunk - not surprising after several decades) so cleaned them up. Plugged modem into socket in bedroom.


Link is stable for over 36 hours now (hooray!).

So seems issue was attentuation on the copper under the house - combination of corrosion and additional spurs, connectors, junk in the line. Adding enough attentuation to reduce the signal so that it would connect, then drop, then connect, then drop etc.


Moral of the story - connect your modem as CLOSE to the Telstra line entry point as you can - make sure things are clean - and disconnect any junk you dont need.