NBN Fibre Patch Cable

Level 2
We were doing some renovations at home and had to remove the NBN box inside the house. When I connected it back it didnt work. Looks like we have damaged the NBN patch cable that was connecting the box outside the house with the box inside. I have been trying to find it any stores in Sydney might have those cables cant find any. Any ideas if any stores sell those patch cables in Sydney?
Level 7

They are not 'patch cables' and not a do it yourself item, but are part of the NBN infrastructure. You need to ask TPG to get NBN to arrange to replace it. PM a mod here to arrange it.

EDIT: User options begin at the *output* of the NBN 'box' (NTD). There an ethernet cable from NTD to router is indeed a 'patch cable' and is the user's responsibility.