NBN, Foxtel and TPG

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NBN is just about to be available in my area. I currently have Foxtel (IQ3 on my main TV and a second box running Digital Fox in my bedroom). I have been using Telstra for the landline and my home phone. I would dearly love to get rid of the Telstra service altogether as I am paying $143 a quarter for the land line and a phone I never use. I also have unlimited ADSL2 with TPG. I'm not tech savvy and the thought of the NBN scares me a little. I need to know the best thing I can do to maintain my Foxtel service and my internet service. I currently also use Netflix via wi-fi but this can only be used when the internet is not being used or I'm downloading. I currently do not have my tv service connected to the internet and am not likely to need this as I do not stream anything. Apparently, my house is at the end of the line (ie. distance from the exchange) and this is a reason why I sometimes have slow speeds. Can anyone please give advice on my I can do to maintain all my current services (apart from the Telstra land line phone) on the NBN. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.



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I pulled up your TPG account using your community details in order to get an idea of your current service and the type of NBN that will be provided for your area.


From what I gathered, your location will be provided NBN FTTN service. Your current setup right now is that your home phone is supplied by Telstra but you have the ADSL service from TPG. Now, once you upgrade to NBN FTTN, you will be given a bundled internet and home phone when you apply with us. You can request to port your number to TPG. Porting of the number will happen after the service has been installed and will take 1-5 business days for it to be completed. During that time you won't be able to receive incoming calls.


In addition, please take note that if you have multiple phone sockets in the house, you will only be able to use just one socket which will be dedicated to the modem when NBN is installed. Home phone service will be digital voice which means that your handset will have to be connected at the back of the modem that will be supplied to you. For additional information on how NBN FTTN is setup, please visit this link: NBN FTTN/FTTB Setup - General Setup


Technically, your Foxtel setup should still be the same. So if you're currently connecting your Foxtel device to the modem to get it to work, then you will still have to do the same once you have the NBN service. However, to avoid potential complications (like equipment compatibility) I would suggest that you clarify this with Foxtel support first.