NBN HFC Outlet

Level 2

I've got a single HFC outlet within my house located somewhere which is very far away from the rooms and living room. The distance is causing alot of trouble since the wifi barely or just doesn't reach the connection for my devices in the bedrooms. I've been suggested to get LAN but thats extremely diffuclt as my house is double brick so running cables through isn't easy. I've got a wifi extender but that still has very slow speeds. I was wondering since I saw some posts online, could NBN install a new HFC outlet somewhere else in my house without any cost?


Hi @Sumo 


We can't confirm if relocating the NBN HFC outlet will not cost you anything.

But you can reach out directly to NBN Co for further discussion.


You can reach them via phone call on 1800 687 626 or email them at complaints@nbnco.com.au