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NBN HFC Utility box not installed.

Level 3
Just wondering if I could maybe change my plan from NBN to ADSL, because I know that’s here as my roommate had it here just before I applied for NBN, and use that until the matter is resolved. It would be a matter of just changing my account to run off the ADSL copper wiring, there’s still an active DSL link as I’ve tested it with my modem.

We understand how this can be inconvenient, @johnmcgirr1296.


We have made a follow up with our Provisioning Team and the case manager will contact you anytime between now and 1PM NSW time to discuss the status of the case.

We have also forwarded your messages to the team.


Hi @johnmcgirr1296, we can see that our Provisioning Team has been in touch and discussed the concerns raised.


As advised, you will need to seek approval from your strata so NBN Co. can proceed with the remediation works.


Once the approval is received, the case manager will book another appointment for a technician visit.


You can contact our Provisioning Team directly on the number they have provided via SMS to provide updates or you can advise us here so we can inform the case manager.


Thank you.