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NBN HFC constantly disconnecting

Level 2
I’ve had my internet connected for a month and a half and for a whole month now I’ve had my nbn disconnect and reconnect at least 10-20 times a day up to 15-20
Minutes sometimes
I’ve had a technician come out who blamed it on the modem but I’ve got two modems the one tpg sent out and a personal one and they both do the same thing so I’m 100% sure it’s not that
He replaced the black box and maybe for a day it ran okay or I didn’t notice but then afterwards it was disconnecting again every single day since then this is a very annoying and stressful issue especially when people are working from home now and we constantly lose connection I want this resolved ASAP or I won’t be paying for the next bill until I have the service I should be getting

Hi frank93,


My records shows that you have raised a ticket to our Engineering team, they are looking into the case.

Thanks for using myTPG app to lodge this fault.

We will update you how is the progress