Phone Wire down

Level 2
NBN (phone)Wire to house down in storm 1 week ago. Power line which was also down was fixed in 1 day. I reported to TPG, TPG reported to NBN . We sent photos and information to TPG that wasn’t passed on to NBN who arrived and said that they didn’t realise it was a wire down!
Now TPG have ‘resolved’ on our fault even tough we have been told that we won’t have internet until 12th June!! 3 weeks to replace a 10 metre phone line from the pole to our house.
Dreadful service! No communication between TPG and NBN.
Wish that we had stayed with our previous provider.

Hi 23theodore,


My apologies if you issue has not been fixed.

I review the your internet connection, this is the NBN  replied to fix that "

Our nbn workforce has attended the site and advised remediation is required.
Reason for Remediation: Lead-in cable is faulty.

We have created and assigned a Remediation work order to our nbn workforce to replace the faulty lead in.

NBN adviced us the estimate date is 12/06.

We will advice you is any changes happen in the meantime.