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NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (NBN HFC) Setup Cost and Install Process

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Hi there,


Yesterday I had an NBN installation scheduled as my property was classed as having NBN available. When the technician got here he discovered that the NBN cables hadn't been run down to my block of units, contrary to the NBN plans he had on him for the property. I also didn't have an NBN internal coaxial port installed in my unit on the wall. 


This has been rescheduled to next Monday, as NBN are going to rectify the cable issue so we can connect.


I have also gained permission from my landlord to install the port internally but need to make sure there are no charges for the landlord, no damage from the installation and the box is not installed in a place which could be inconvenient i.e. ontop of the kitchen benchtop or directly behind a door.


Is someone able to confirm that the cost of the box/port installation is part of the setup fee I paid when I signed up to my TPG plan? I am on a NBN Cable 50 plan. 


Also what place in the unit be a good place to install the box? Near the TV ports? Just near a powerpoint? 


Thanks so much,