Urgent - no modem

Level 2

Hi there -  have been connected to NBN for well over a week but have not received my modem. Am desperate as need to isolate (over 60 with medical condition) and currently have to go to a friends house to use their WFi putting them and their family and myself at risk. I need a modem asap - I managed to contact a TPG support person last week and they said they would ship me another modem - nothing happened.  I then contacted another support person yesterday and they said they put in an order for a reshipment of my modem but I have not received a notification for StarTrack that it has been shipped.  I have now put in nearly 20 requests for help.  I understand that it is a trying time for all but how TPG stand up and support their customers through this will either stand with them or against them. It can't be that difficult to press a button to place an order to send a modem to me. This is urgent.  I am supposed to be self isolating but can't until I can connect.  Can someone please please help.