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NBN Installation status, no contact, no internet for 2 weeks

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i have been trying to get my NBN installation status resolved but have had no luck and nobody has contacted me since my last call to TPG last week on Wednesday 7th march. I am now without any internet connection for 2 weeks because my adsl was switched off a week before my NBN installation by someone at TPG. Nobody has helped me get my connection back in any form. No compensation has been offered. I have been a TPG customer for over 7 years and I am seriously considering cancelling my NBN with TPG after how i have been treated for the last 2 weeks. My partner runs her business online from home and has not been able to get online for 2 weeks. This mistake to cut our adsl before the NBN is working is costing our household income. I need someone to contact me as soon as possible to have my adsl connection put back on or my NBN connection completed in the next 24 hours. This is completely unacceptable.


Hi @teensonacid,


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I would love to help and see the status of your NBN service installation.


Kindly, PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID or Contact number associated with the account)