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NBN Physical connection Issue on installation with poor technical service.

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NBN Physical connection Issue on installation with poor technical service !!!.


Wed, 4/03/2020 : received NCD and Wifi modem.
                             7:00 pm activated NBN and online.


Thu, 5/03/2020 : 10:20am - off line and raised an issue on the phone
                            I told TPG : it is phaycal connection issue on street juction box by rainwater.
                            I have had an ADSL connection issue for years whenever it rains and it started happend since one technician worked on street poll junction box.
                            Many years ago had the same issue on the ADSL and TPG fixed the issue on the street poll juction box by rewiring cable.


Thu, 5/03/2020 : 8:00 pm - No rain, NBN online

Fri, 6/03/2020 : 7:06 am - TPG - "Technician visit appointment - Sat 07 March 2020"
                         9:50 am - TPG - "Your TPG Service appears to be working normally"
                          9:50 am - Me - "Do not cancel the appointment because the cause of the issue is physical line problem on the street by rain"
                         TPG - "won't cancel the Technician appointment"
                         12:27 pm - rang TPG again to confirm the appointment.
                          5:00 pm - TPG - "URGENT - this is an appoint reminder from nbn .... 1pm ~ 5pm ..."

Sat, 7/03/2020 : No visit. spend all day for waiting. Ruin my day !!!!!!!!!

Sat, 7/03/2020 : 9:11pm - No connection , Red Connection light blinking, Rain again.
Sun, 8/03/2020 : No connection
Mon, 9/03/2020 : No connection , 8:03am - Rang TPG ."I need to be home, contact again... when I get home"...


Are you able to check physical line rather than saying it's online now and ok ?

ACC# - xxxxxxx

Level 2



11/03/2020 - 9:00am Technician visited. 

  • investigation on the cable.
  • found broken line between poll to poll.
  • replaced the line and resolved the issue.                      

Hi @Vxworks,


Welcome to the community!


For newly installed NBN service, we did an article that you may find helpful.

In the event that you successfully set up the NBN service and still not working you may check if there is an ongoing outage affecting the service. See this link for reference How to Check for NBN Network Outage.


If there's no outage, you may perform basic troubleshooting step available in this article Troubleshooting no internet connection.


In this particular we're able to confirm that the NBN service installation has been completed. However, there has been a line issue causing the service not to work.

The Issue has been raised to our Technical Team for further assistance, we've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Engineers and advised that a Field Technician is required to fix the issue. Further updates will be provided via SMS or Phone call, let us know should you require assistance.