NBN Plans

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I recently jusy changed my NBN plans from the 50gbs at 10mbs to unlimited at 10 mbs as my family increase our usage and the 50gbs at peaked time runout. However, I received a confirmation from TPG that my changes have success but the internet speed seems the same. Does anyone know how long it will actually take for it to implement or do I have to wait till next month bill cycle?

Hi @vnguyen1977,


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I checked the notes on the account and can see that the plan has been upgraded to unlimited data with the same NBN12 speed tier with 10.0 Mbps typical evening speed.

If the speed tier you currently have is insufficient for your needs then upgrading your plan would certainly make a difference. We can upgrade your plan to NBN50. 


For more information please check our website :https://www.tpg.com.au/nbn