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NBN activation not happening

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I had nbn installation done yesterday (monday)

I was told about 1 hour to become active.

This morning (tuesday) still not active.

Then i got a phone call from the guy who did the install yesterday.

He was told to go back to my house and change the nbn box because it may be faulty, which could be why nbn would not activate.

He changed the box, it still did not work, so he spent an hour on the phone with a pinoy rattling off numbers and doing tests.

Almost 2 hours here and it was still not activated.

He packed up and left in a hurry

Said something about an nbn fault.

So i waited all afternoon no one called me from tpg, nbn , nothing,

Finally i called tpg tech support, after half an hour, talking to 2 different people who did not have a clue about nbn anything or my activation, they did not even know nbn had been installed,

I hung up in frustration.

If tpg tech support know nothing then who does?  Santa Clause?


Hi @raymp,


Apologies for the trouble. We have gone ahead and checked your account details and understand that the technician has completed their work however, there has been a delay in activating your service on the NBN service management end. We will escalate this immediately and prioritise the installation of your service. Our service delivery team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We will update you with the progress.



Level 4

All good now, i had to send in the mac and nbn box numbers.

The installer had done that already but the infoo went missing.