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To Whom It May concern 

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Dear TPG 

I wish to state my deepest disappointment of your text dated 02/04/20 regarding NBN installation to my premises. Your text stated that I will incure fees for failing to rescheduel installation of NBN equipment  to my premises.


  I have sent two emails about NOT accepting your NBN installation at the moment until I get clarification from your customer services representative about your indicated offer of NBN down load speed of (10.9Mbps)  compared to my current ADSL internet plan download speed.


I have tried on numerous occassions through online chat and phone calls but I could NOT be connected to anyone due the current corona virus state we are in? Could someone from TPG give  me a call or a number for me to call for clarification on your NBN offers before you do the installation? I strongly felt that you are impossing services that I or anyone do not want and intend to impose fees on me. , unless they agree with it?


I have requested NBN connection during the process of the ADSL installation to my premises last year. However, I cannot proceed at the moment with this request until I speak with your representative to get the information about your NBN12 plan compared to my current ADSL plan.


Could you please deffer the installation until I speak with your representative.


Thank you 

Harrison Bein