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NBN connection - No updates / Customer service request refused

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I paid a fee to transfer my NBN to my new home and had it scheduled for 19 March 2020. It is now 30 March 2020 and I have received no updates on the status or why it has been delayed. I have been in the new house since that time and have therefore had no internet. I have been forced to buy a mobile wifi hotspot and associated data with no end in sight.

I have continually tried the customer support chat, only to be told it is unavailable. On the last occasion I was accepted into the correct queue (Installation) and monitored it closely as I knew a delay in my response might result in the chat being closed. Once I reached 12th in the queue I received a notice that my chat had been closed with no reason given. (See screen shot). The chat support is a farce. 


It is a simple task to transfer my account to an existing NBN connection. Something that I was assured would only take two business days. Simpler still is providing an update on the delay. I would like a realistic estimate or compensation please. 


If no response is provided about this matter I intend to cancel the service and seek a refund. I will pursue this through the communications ombudsman if required.