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NBN install delayed -- can I get an earlier date?

Level 3

For anyone reading this who's had the same problem, it's worth asking for an earlier date; my TPG case manager persisted with hassling NBNCo and has now managed to secure me an earlier date. Yay!


Hi @conaltuohy, we are pleased to hear that your case manager was able to arrange an earlier appointment for your service installation. Thanks for raising this matter and giving us the opportunity to help you. Please don't hesitate to reach out should you need further assistance. 

Level 3

The NBN technician came today, installed the cable and modem, but despite working on it for over an hour, was not able to get it working. He told me that there was something wrong with the network (outside my house), and that some other NBN network technicion would need to look at it. He wasn't able to tell me when that might happen. Can I get some update please on where things stand? 


Hi @conaltuohy,


We've checked the updates from NBN Co and we were advised that due to the Modem signal issues, the activation of the account could not be completed.


Currently, they are organizing another technician to investigate and fix the issue, but there's no time frame when they will be able to resolve this.


Our Service delivery team is monitoring the account and will be in touch once an update is available.


Kind regards,