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NBN install rescheduled time and time again. Very little care from TPG

Level 1b

NBN Install gets scheduled 

NBN technician comes and realizes there is an External Network Shortfall and further work is required

Receive an Email the NBN Application has progressed further and to complete the install a Technician will visit to complete, <I assume the further work was done>
NBN Install gets scheduled


# Repeat 3 times .. Ground Hog Day


It would be nice if people took pride and get it done properly.


H ib333fy


My apologies if you are not able to reach our support people.

My records shows the issue is due to NBN network, they are trying to fix it, we will update you as soon as fixed.

Thanks for your patience

Level 1b

I appreciate your reply.
It's about managing your Customer' expectations.

If the remedial work has not been completed then a new Install date should not have been scheduled.

I was excited to finally get NBN when a new Install date is scheduled only to be disappointed when they said the remedial work was not completed.  This has happened a few times now.



Unfortunately, the issue reported was delayed due to Covid19 measures that NBN has applied on some sites.

We are also expected to be completed on the new date provided.