NBN install

Level 2
I used to try to install TPG NBN last time.
But a technician want to install NBN directly through wall at my kids room not living room.
So that reason, I cancelled installation.
In case of my neighbour, he install Telstra NBN and his technician made it from outside socket to living room through ceiling.
Nowadays I want to install TPG NBN. However I wonder if TPG can proceed with the installation so that this problem does not occur.

Hi @kchul22


Where should your nbn™ supplied equipment be installed inside your premises?


Your nbn™ connection box will be located close to your existing wall outlet inside your premises, as well as a power point. If you have more than one wall outlet, ask your nbn™ approved installer which one is suitable for connecting your nbn™ connection box.


I would recommend checking the email we sent when you signed up previously with the NBN HFC service. 


Let me know of your most convenient time to receive a call so we can arrange a callback to be made from a member of Plan Change team for further assistance.