NBN installation delay

Level 2

I understand that you are having delays with NBN installation in some cases, but I have just learned that I have to wait a month for it! We are currently in lockdown in my area, so I am losing money the whole time I have to connect to the internet using my data. If you are not going to give me access to internet for the first month- that I have already scraped the barrel to pay for- then can you refund me until closer to the installation date? I simply cannot afford all of this!


Hi @stoofums


Installation of NBN services can generally take 10 working days however, we still provide a standard timeframe of 2-30 working days as we rely on NBN Co to provide the service; therefore, we are subjected to their connection timeframe as well as scheduling. 


I'll have a Case Manager to contact you and assist with your concern.


Please await feedback within the day.