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NBN installation frustration

Level 2
I’ve been asked to swap to NBN, that sounds good to me. I received the new modem and NBN box, also the text saying that connect the modem to activate it. I did that by following every single steps but nothing happens! No internet for days!
And because I have to work from home at the moment, I decided to switched back to my ADSL modem to be able to continue working!
After that I’ve been receiving the text from TPG to connect the modem to activate it and of course I did but nothing happens! So Frustrated!
So I stick with my ADSL at the moment to keep working from home until TPG shows the responsibility to help me out and fix this frustration!
Thank you.
Level 3
Hello, have you tried configuring your modem manually? Connect your modem, go to (type it in your browser address bar, the login details should be at the bottom of your modem, usually ‘admin’ for both the username and password) and go to the advanced tab. Choose ‘Network’ and then ‘DSL’ and then click edit on ‘pppoe_ptm_2_0_d’, the details you have to configure is: Username: <TPG username>
Password: <your TPG Password>
Protocol / Encapsulation / Connection Type: PPPoE (sometimes,
you'll have PPPoE LLC)
I hope it works for you, it didn’t work for me because I had a fault in my line, but I hope you could try it out just in case it’s because your modem wasn’t automatically configured!
Level 2
It didn’t work man but thank you anyway. I don’t know what to do now.