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NBN installation in unit building

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I received a letter saying my place will be connected to nbn in early march and it seems like i am getting FTTC. Just a few questions here:


1) i understand there are a few types of nbn fttc installation procedures, i live in a building with several other units around me so is a technician needed for installation or will i just receive the nbn connection device and plug it in myself?


2) if a technician is not required, where do i order the nbn connection device from? and do i get it while upgrading to a nbn plan from adsl2+?




Hi @Toycrane ,


We checked your address unfortunately at this time we status of NBN is not yet serviceable. But once the NBN Co completed the rollout, we can check what specific service class of installation will be made to the service.


Usually, in the event that the lead-in cable was installed together with the DPU unit on the premises and no NCD/NBN box is available, TPG requests to NBN Co to ship an the equipment (NCD/NBN box) for self installation.


However, if we're able to confirm the DPU unit which is located outside the premises is not yet installed, we do request to NBN co to send a technician to install the DPU and the NCD/NBN box at the same time.

Note: Installation should not affect your current ADSL2+ service, the ADSL2+ service will only stop working once the NBN service installation is done.


Let me know should you require further assistance.