NBN installation issue.

Level 2


First NBN installation failed due to some unknown reason. Tech said, the test from NBN side worked, don't know why. 


Called TPG for troubleshooting. the tech found out there are no auth packets from modem I received.  TPG think its something to do with NBN side. (You can guess what is going to happen) 


TPG setup another tech visit, but the tech did not show up. Called TPG and asked why. 

TPG said the visit has been cancelled for no reason. I didn't get any explanation. 

The Lady on the call said, she will escalate this and call me for scheduling another visit. 

I have not received any call from TPG for 1 and a half-day. 


Most probably I will get the tech visit in a week to fix my issue. 


Been with TPG for a decade, I have been happy with their service. 

But this is the worst experience, I wish the company improve their customer service.



Hi @Danny00 

Welcome to TPG Community,


Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


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