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NBN installation - weak singals and slow

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Hi all,


I ordered NBN100 and received the modem yesterday. I tried to connect it to the NTD and it works fine. 

The issue i have is that the NTD is installed in the garage and this is a 3 story apartment with direct access to private garage (so bascially 4 floors together) - so i basically only be able to access wifi in the garage - everywhere elses are blink spots due to the brick walls......


tried WiFi extender -and at the top floor - the internet is barely 5 mpbs - making it impossible to work with.

This is a rental - so i am not able to relocate the NBN Box, or (it will take so long to get the landlords approval). I am just wondering if NBN100 can be like FTTB, where i can just plug in the TPG modem in one of the living room's wall socket? 


any help would be greately appreciated.




Hi @gongchengc02 . What type of NBN connection do you have? If FTTP or HFC, the NTD is usually in the worst position. It might not be practical to move it.  If FTTC, the NTD can be moved by using a telephone extension cord. Or, it can go in any telephone socket where a telephone worked previously.

In any case, you can use a longer ethernet cable from NTD to wifi router. Make it CAT6.

Does the apartment have ethernet ports in the rooms, especially in the garage? These ports lead back to a patch panel in the apartment.

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Hi David


much appreicated for the suggesstions! !

This is a FTTP unfortunately - called NBN, they told me it can take up to 6 weeks for them to rellocate the NBN box, which is way too long.


I have 2 spare routers (tplink vr1600v and huawei hg659), i am wondering if i can maybe reconfig these as accesspoints and wire them to higher floors. Do you know if that will decrease the internet speed noticeably?


or Mesh network (google nest) is a better option?





Hi @gongchengc02 . It would be useful if you could run an ethernet cable from the garage into the ground floor and have the primary router there.

Mesh system fairly expensive; base station plus one or two remotes. FTTP doesn't use VLANID so any mesh system should work. Although, if you are renting, your next house might have a different NBN connection type which will use VLANID.

But you may not be able to run cables from ground to first and ground to second to use the spare routers as access points. (I wouldn't daisy chain them.) The supplied router should be Archer C1200. You lose two ethernet ports connecting the spare routers.

Regarding speed, you can connect everything in the garage in proposed configuration. Use an ethernet laptop to run speed tests with laptop connected in turn to each router. For the two secondary routers, assign a different ip address to each (eg. and and disable DHCP.