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I have issue with nbn installation and can't deal with this anymore longer.

So I moved into new flat and signed up for the TPG NBN plan around early September this year as it said my address is ready for NBN connection. At my first appointment, technician came and said the nbn connection box was installed near the other flat which is in the same building but just next to my flat, might be too far from my flat and left without saying anything. I called tpg again and ask if I can get adsl or home wireless broadband(previous tenant was using adsl) however, apparently we can't have the connection for that as the other flat in the same building has already nbn connection. So they sent us the sim card which can't be topped up until next billing cycle according to the tpg support. I really appreciated the sim card but the data isn't enough for us to do study or work. And a couple weeks after, technician came without any notice as I was waiting for the update from tpg. This technician told me that it might be better build a pole than dig through the concrete and left without notice. I called TPG for update multiple times and initially the installation will be done by early November and today when I called they said it'll be in December. I understand under current situation, things doesn't go as it planned and this case could be more on NBNco. I have not talked to my family via phone or video all for almost two month as our house is made of brick and doesnt not have barely any reception sometimes. If I knew it'd be delayed to December earlier , I would have done something else. Is there any way to resolve this kind of situation?? At least like being able to top up the data sim card ?? Because luckily the sim card is pretty good to do just basic stuff.

Hi @hughesconor75


Apologies for the delay in getting your service up and running.


Based on the recent update on your account, NBN technicians reported that additional works need to be done to complete your installation which means we are unable to expedite planned remediation dates. Planned remediation dates are provided by NBN Co based on requirement assessment (i.e. resources such as materials, technician capacity, etc) conducted by field technicians to complete the work.


Our Provisioning Team is actively managing the connection process and applying pressure to NBN Co to get your NBN service installed as soon as possible.


A Case Manager has been assigned to monitor the status of your installation. I'll have the officer to contact you today, 21 October 2021  to discuss the matter at hand. 


You may also reach our Provisioning Team on 1300 993 012

Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: 9am - 6pm