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NBN is completly disappointing

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Thanks Will, what time of the day did you get 11.14mps? I havent been able to get more than 8.3 in the evenings between 630pm - 930pm.

I am only running one wifi device at any time so i cant understand why im not getting better results.

I have gone through the recommendations as per the link you sent and nothing has changed.


What can you tell me about the maximum speed i was getting with my previous plan by way of comparison?



Hi @SuziQ


The test was made on April 1 at 9:43PM QLD. I just ran another test and it's showing 11.4Mbps.


With ADSL service, based on your distance from the exchange which is about 2.86km, we were only expecting 5.3Mbps. Checking an old ticket, it seems like your modem was able to get 10Mbps at one point.


I can organize a call from our Technical Team to contact you and assist you on the phone as to why you're getting a different result. Please PM me your best contact number and the preferred time for a call back.




Hi @SuziQ.


Good day! We'd like to make follow up on your contact details. Else you can call our hot line  1300 997 271.