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NBN not connecting, DSL light flashing, no internet light

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Hello, we just moved into a new place and had TPG NBN connected. 

I am trying to get the wifi modem to work. The first time I plugged it together, following the instructions, it showed all green lights, but came up with a message “reconfiguring settings.....if this message does not clear within 30 minutes reboot the modem”. It didn’t clear, so I rebooted the modem. 

Now I get no internet light and a flashing DSL light. No internet connection at all.

How do I solve this?


Hi @Andrewjody,


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We've managed to check your account and have seen that one of our technical support was able to assist you in configuring your modem. 
I recommend having a read of this TPG Community article : How to set up your TP-Link VR1600v modem


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