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NBN installation, not even TPG knows why they rescheduled the appointment

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a technician is scheduled for the third time to complete installation at my place this Friday. Obviously, taking three days off already sucks but well.

We had problems with the neighbor not granting permission to run the cable over their property and subsequently after beeing in contact with NBNCO had TPG create a service request with them and generate an ICN number.

After calling on Monday to check with the rescheduled installation it's the same old useless song from the case officers again. Meaning they still keep asking me about the neighbor's permission, they can see the ICN number but have no clue as to what is happening in that regards and no action from TPG has been taken. They also at this point don't even know why there is a rescheduled appointment for Friday.

I want to know if a technician is going to come on Friday and install the fibre. I am not taking another day off if nothing is happening. Also, why is there no info about the service request and ICN number?

This has been going on for over a month now. It the cable can't be installed via the air, just trench nedt to the freaking sidewalk.

Hi @manuelsteiner,


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I went ahead and tried to use your Community Details to pull up the account and I got a match.


I can see that the assigned Case Manager for the installation of your service tried to call you last monday (4th of June) to provide you updates but no avail.

I don’t have any further updates differing from the installation progress.

I'd like to arrange another call from our Provisioning Team for the updates. Kindly PM me your best contact number and preferred time.





Level 2
I was in a meeting when the call was made on Monday. I called back that day after the missed call. Case officer again just wanted to know about the neighbor's consent. They had no clue about anything else as outlined in my post above.
The phone number on record is my preferred contact number.

Thanks for letting us know, @manuelsteiner


We'll chase this matter with our Provisioning Team and will have the case manager contact you to discuss the progression of the case.


Hi @manuelsteiner, we can see that our Provisioning Team has been in touch and discussed the concerns raised.


The case manager is closely monitoring the account and will be in touch as soon as a new update is received from NBN Co.


Should you have further queries, feel free to drop us a message. Thank you.


Hi @manuelsteiner, we can see that the installation has been completed and the service has been activated.


We've checked the status of your connection and it's working for more than a day now.


Should there be any issues, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!