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NBN not working - phone and ADSL disconnected for 3+ weeks

Level 2

On the 28th Feb, I tried to migrate from ASDL to NBN. There were issues with support could not rectify and an appointment was scheduled for Tues 17th Mar. On the 17th Mar, the tech said it was an issue with the signal strength and needed to raise a case with NBN. I have no way of tracking this and have no idea when this will be rectified.

Also, on the 28th Feb, my ADSL and phone line were disconnected. I have checked with Telstra and they confirmed TPG issued a disconnect order on this day. I have been without a phone or internet for over weeks. I have made numerous phone calls, and now chat, emails, forums and have had no support what so ever.


I need the NBN issue sorted, or the phone line and ADSL reestablished so I can get phone and internet.