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NBN offers re TPG & Telstra

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I am a TPB Broadband customer and have been for years although I have my landline through Telstra.  Tonight when I was checking out deals for my switch over to NBN which is due to happen soon in my area, I was deeply disappointed and shocked to find that TPG no longer had the better offers for NBN as I had imagined and seen from my 2018 research online.  I'm living off a Gov't Aged Pension these days so prices and value for money is of paramount importance to me.  I was looking to change to a NBN Bundle where I could have local calls, STD, 1300 and mobile calls included for which I expected to pay around $70.00 a month.  The best TPG was offering was a bundle worth $79.99 with unlimited Local, National and Standard Australian Mobile calls which didn't include 1300 numbers.  Telstra meanwhile is offering for $70.00 per month for 100GB monthly data (which is all I need) and then that also includes local calls, national calls, mobile calls to Australian numbers and also 1300 numbers with a max of 500 x 1300 calls allowed per month.  Now TPG is also including overseas calls in their deal.  I never make overseas calls but make plenty of 1300 calls.  It's a great pity that TPG can't offer a better deal like Telstra does for folks like me who don't make international calls.  I've been a loyal customers of TPG for years and will be sad to have to change over to Telstra due to my financial situation which I’m prepared to do if I’m not given a better option with TPG.  I'm hoping through writing this that TPG will reconsider their plans or bundles offering to make themselves at least as competitive as Telstra in this case.  I don't need super-fast speed and I've thoroughly checked out what TPG is offering for someone like me re NBN bundles etc.....a senior who just wants to have the best possible internet access with value for money.


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The monthly price for our plans are already fixed and we are unable to provide further discounts.


We do have a package which will give you unlimited calls to 13/1300 numbers, standard national calls and local calls with unlimited internet data and the mobile calls will be $0.30/call. It is under our NBN12 speed tier that will be $69.99/Month.


We believe our products represent terrific  value for money and perform at a very high standard. We are confident that our high customer satisfaction rating and product performance speaks for itself.


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Not good enough......seems I will be seriously considering switching to Telstra for their better deals!  Oh and by the way up till now TPG has offered the best re your last sentence.....I know that because I was one of those very satisfied customers, but things never remain stagnant and it seems that TPG will lose it's preferred footing if it doesn't remain competitive in the future as it has in the past.