NBN outage

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Does TPG update there service status site (https://www.tpg.com.au/servicestatus) on a regular basis? I received a text this afternoon at 2:12pm state my service maybe effected by an NBN outage. I called the helpdesk at 5:00pm to confirm there was still an NBN outage as their site said there wasn't one. The TPG helpdesk person said there was a major outage in my suburb. The last text I got was at 7:36 pm saying they were still investation the outage. It is now after 10 pm and still no NBN and TPG site still states no outage.


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NBNCo raised a network issue on September 30 at 11:09 AEST that affected your connection along with 185 other customers. When remote troubleshooting failed to resolve the issue, NBNCo dispatched a technician and at 6:13PM AEST (Sep 30), the technician identified damaged cables at the site. Unfortunately, since it's in a residential zoning area, this prevents the work of machinery at night and had to continue today (October 1). NBNCo declared the issue as fixed by 11:08AM AEST today. In addition, we can see that the modem has been connected for 12 hours already.


Let me know if you're still having difficulty going online so we can check it further.