NBN plan change

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NBN 12 was installed on 9 april,2020. I have already requested before 9 April to upgrade and install NBN 50. Now NBN 12 was installed on Thursday 9 April 2020, I have been advised that upgrade will take place somewhere on next Thursday 16 April 2020. Even though intially I was advised that upgrade could take only few hours...and here it is 7 day.

please advice and help to change the plan & upgrade to NBN 50 as per the sent email at earliest please.    


Hi katnvs,


You could check your progress upgrade on the online tool. However when it is ready the upgrade we may request you to powercycle the devices.


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Thanks for your reply.


how long it will take to upgrade? how many days it takes to upgrade? since NBN was installed 5 days before?

when you mentioned to check using online tools? speedcheck? how do we know that upgradation has taked place? how do you advice customer to powercycle?

please follow up