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NBN service application (Customer ID: 6292160)

Level 2
Since I have received your email re: NBN Service Installation Confirmed (6XXXXXX) on 22 April, I haven't received any required equipment from you yet. 
As at 22 April, 30 April, and 11 May, you have sent text messages on my mobile phone saying that you will be calling me to discuss my issue (NBN Activation) but unfortunately I missed your calls.
As per your request on my mobile phone as text messages, I have provided your agent on his mobile number (041XXXXXXX) with the SN and HFC MAC of my NBN box. See the photo below.
At my newly moved house, I was trying to reactivate my NBN with the equipment I used at my old house, but it didn't work. See the photos below. 
You sent the text message of "we need information to proceed" on my mobile phone. Please let me know what further information you require to proceed in your replying email to rather than calling me on my mobile phone.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Paul (Dongwon) Goh

Hi @goeden312,


We're here to help get your service working. Please send us a private message and we'll go from there.