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NBN service cancelled with no instruction

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I signed up for internet with TPG two weeks ago at our new address. We were sent a modem and had a gentleman from NBN come out and connect everything. Our home internet was working for one day when I received an email from TPG saying they had received a cancellation instruction, turned our internet off and charged me a fee.

As I did not instruct this, I was asked for it to be reversed, but I had to complete a whole new registration again, pay in advance again for the new account and wait 24 hours for the internet to be turned back on and wait 5 days for the refund to be processed.

Through my new account, which became active yesterday, the internet was working until again overnight the same issue occurred. I received an email saying I had requested to cancel the service and this was actioned.

I did not authorize either of these cancellations from my account and there was no effort to contact me to verify. And yet my internet has been switched off again. How do I get this rectified and ensure it doesn’t keep happening moving forward.

Thank you.

Hi ,


Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. There is a possibility that your connection is being taken by another user that uses the same address as yours. Thus, I can definitely check your account further and have it coordinated to the relevant team to see as to what needs to be done to avoid this from happening. Kindly PM your TPG customer ID or username.

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