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Is the nbn connection awaiting activation but not activated yet ?

Hi @Ganyeekeong11,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have located the account using your community details.


You are required to follow the steps below for your service to be activated:

  1. TPG will dispatch the required equipment to you
  2. Once you receive the equipment, connect the equipment using the instructions provided
  3.  Make sure that all the equipment are switched on
  4.   If you need further assistance, visit www.tpg.com.au/support


We can see that you have already received the NBN connection box and the TPG modem.


Here's an article that will guide you with the set up:


NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) Setup Guide - TPG Community


Leave the equipment connected and on for 24 hours and check if your service is working after that.


Feel free to message us should you require further assistance. Thank you.


Hi @Ganyeekeong11, we have checked the status of your connection and it appears to be up and running for more than 13 hours now.


Should you need any assistance, please let us know. Cheers!