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I’m moving to a brand new house which has a nbn connection box located outside. Can I get my nbnTM supplied equipment installed anywhere I choose inside my premises as long as there is a power point?

Thanks Andrew

Hi @eagles1970


Checking your account, it appears you are subscribed to the NBN HFC and is under the Service Class 21 which means that there is no drop, wall plate or NTD.


If the outside of your premises hasn’t been connected to the nbn™ network yet, your standard installation will include connecting hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) cable from your street to the nbn™ utility box on the outside of your premises.


Your nbn™ connection box will be located close to your existing wall outlet inside your premises, as well as a power point. If you have more than one wall outlet, you can ask your nbn™ approved installer which one is suitable for connecting your nbn™ connection box. 


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