NCD not delivered

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Hi there,
I recently moved house and requested to TPG that my NBN that was to be installed at my last location be cancelled and a new NBN Plan start at my new address. Before I left I received the NBN modem.
I tried telling a TPG operator that I had a modem (already supplied by TPG) but they insisted I get another modem for the new address.
So I got ANOTHER modem sent which is EXACTLY the same as the modem I had and I’ve paid for two delivery fees now.
To top it off on both occasions I didn’t receive the NCD BOX!!
So two modems, no NCD box and no internet!!
I have tried calling, I have emailed several times-no one is returning calls or emails. Can someone please let me know if an NCD BOX will be sent??

Hi @Ndjm79,

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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your Full Name, CID (customer identication number) and your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you.


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Hi KarlB.
I’m new to this.
How do I Private Message you?

Hi Ndjm79,


If you click onto my username KarlB and then click onto "Send a message"