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NTD box is not available and TPG is blaming NBN

Level 3

We called back later to be told refund will be processed in 5 days, Its been 20 days since then.


Hi @satban,


We apologize for the delay of your refund. It is now in progress and should reflect on your account within 5 business days.


Thank you for your patience.


Level 2
This sounds like exactly the same issue which I am going through. When I asked the sales team they told me that I have fibre to premises option, so they will come. They asked me about the NTD, I told them that I can't see any at my house. They told me not to worry they will send me a technician to resolve this issue , also they can waive the fee if I go on a 6 month contract. I said sure no problem. 2 days gone haven't heard from them, so I ring again waiting time 10 minutes so I choose the option call back and they called me back in 50 mins and then this guy from TPG told me that I do not have Fibre to the premises , and their technician has finished the job outside the boundary, I can hook up the modem, it should work. I did never worked, then called back and same drama waiting 50 mins so call back option and they called me back in 55 mins. Told me that they have despatch the job however because of lack of NTD device due to pandemic issue it might take awhile. I honestly got irritated, because I need the internet to work from home, but looks like they don't care. Then after my post on FB, one guy responded saying there is waiting time and we could give temporary sim card for my phone. I said I don't want that option, at least give me back ADSL 2 or Wireless option until they secure the NTD unit. I have been TPG customer for donkeys years and the way they are treating is really disappointed. What are my options, did you get your issue resolved. Please advise

Hi @MPNZ, we apologise for the trouble this issue is causing you. We'd like to take a look at your account to better understand what happened. Please send us a private message with your TPG customer ID, username and complete address.


To send  a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community