Nbn connection

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My nbn stopped working out of the blue on Friday morning. I rang the customer service and was told that it was an issue that required a technician to fix - my online light was flashing. I was also told that I will be notified of when the technician will come out within 24 hours. I received a text message with a ticket number and it said the issue was raised with nbn co. I rang again today and was transferred to an engineer. He asked me the same questions I have answered on Friday as if I rang for the first time. I have not been given any time frame and the engineer kept saying ok every time I asked him a question. I am working from home and I need my internet back asap and I have to say I am very frustrated with the lack of customer service I have received so far.

Hi @dainedi 


Thanks for raising this with us and we apologise for the inconvenience.

We were able to locate your account using your community details and checked the update from NBN Co.

They've advised that there's an ongoing planned maintenance that affected your service.


We'll chase this with our Engineering team to confirm and in order to get an estimated time in restoring your service.