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Nbn internet stop working from 9 am 22/02/2021

Level 2

Customer ID: 6669XXX

Internet has stopped working since 9am 22/02/2021. I lodged a fault via the apps once, website with online chat twice and yet no one get back to me.
With everyone working from home these days, we really need a more reliable company than TPG.

I know you will ask me ask the lights on the modem and the NBN box again, so here they are:
NBN box:. Power, downstream are solid green light, upstream is blinking green, no light for Online.
Modem/router:. Power, Wan, Lan1 are solid green light. Everything else has no light.

Yes, I have tried resetting the NBN box with a pin. The lights cycle through and then ending up the same status as before.
I got a tech give me a ticket number: 11237012
But its seem like no update and still no internet.
All cables are secured and checked. Power off and then on many times.

Please let me know the status, at least an email or SMS !


Hi @cnhang90


Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing you. 


Based on the lodged fault, our Engineering Team has raised this issue to NBN Co. NBN advises of a network issue  which is causing the connection issue. 

At this stage there is no Estimated Time for Resolution ( ETR ) due to the complexity of this fault, however please ensure to leave the NTD connected for remote testing purposes.


Further updates will be provided via phone call or SMS.