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I moved to new premises where I am not being able to have internet access because of some shortage in nbn supplies. As told by customer service personnel while moving out I took modem with me and left Black equipment which I believe is nbn tool in previous home where now tenant are living. So I am not sure if someone from tpg will take that from there or not as new tenant wish that to be removed from there. So my question here is why can’t we use the previous one black nbn box to access internet at my new home. I am a student and have online classes to attend which is being affected by the internet problem. Don’t have any alternative. Can’t use mobile data all the time.

Hi @Dee05 ,


TPG do not advise to bring the existing NBN box to the new address when relocating the service because it has a unique location ID which will only work on the address where its first installed. All the ISP across Australia is mandated to follow this since the NBN box is owned by the NBNCo. 


I was able to locate the account using your community details and seen that one of our Account Specialists from our Moving Home Team offered you a SIM card, do you wish to speak with them about this?


If so, shoot me a private message with your best contactt number and preferred time.


How do I private message (PM) in the community