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Needed to call Telstra to cancel service when NBN installed - why?

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I had NBN installed on 17th May. No problem.

I was previously with Telstra with cable internet and had a landline phone as well. I had assumed that they would have been notified that the cable to the cable modem was now going to be used by the NBN and was no longer providing a service. Apparently not. 

Telstra has happily been charging me for a service that was not being used, until I called today after being billed for a new month. Apparently I was supposed to request it to be disconnected. Why? They physically have not disconnected anything, just stopped charging me for a service I haven't been using.


Please tell me if I somehow missed an instruction from TPG somewhere where I should have contacted my previous service provider to request disconnection. I am not happy to have been charged for an additional month for a service they haven't provided to me.






Hi @MatTer 


Welcome to the community and thanks for raising this issue to us.


TPG is not responsible for cancelling your service from your previous provider. TPG do not have the record or acccess with your Account from your previous provider this should have been discussed during the Point of Sale.

We will certainly be reviewing your recent interactions with us in our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer service. To better understand the situation, I'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID).


Note: For any dispute of charges with your previous account, we recommend to contact your previous provider for assistance.

In case you need a reference:  How do I private message (PM) in the community