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Neighbours move in and my service is cut

Level 2
I have been connected at my address for 3 years, a new neighbour has moved in next door and tpg have cut off my service as the neighbours have moved in and requested internet.
We are 2 units, not attached at all.
I’m making a formal complaint tomorrow, TPG have given me the run around, palmed me off to NBNco, I have spoken to two different people at NBNco, first one said TPG would need to do an unrecognised address, second one said I (my landlord) would need to register the correct address and pay $600, for a service that I have had for 3 years.
What is the appropriate thing to do here? I have spent countless hours on the phone to tpg’s crappy customer service team and hours wasting my time on the phone to NBN. I don’t understand how or why it’s so hard to restore a service that I had for the last 3 years.
I have a 4.5year old with an adhd/odd diagnosis and my life has been chaotic without internet as it forms part of her routine.

Hi @pauson2610,


Thanks for raising this matter to us. I know that this is not a good experience and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this ongoing service issue is causing you and your household. I've managed to check your account records and it shows here that your issue is now being handled by our Service Delivery team and has been assigned to one of our case managers. 


The dedicated case manager on your issue raised a complaint to the NBN Co and we are now awaiting an feedback from them. Our service delivery team is working closely with the NBN in fixing this issue, your case manager will contact you directly for important updates.


We understand the importance of your service and we apologise for the inconvenience.